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TSS is for a place for advice and support for those who have actual eating disorders and are NOT just dieting or "Ana4Prom". So if you're looking to lose a few pounds this is not the community for you!

* Don't give out personal info - that means NO aim, msn, email, phone, facebook, myspace, bebo, twitter etc. to people asking for it in posts.


This is our #1 and most important rule. BE NICE. Treat others how you wish to be treated.

Don't be sarcastic and make comments that if taken the wrong way could potentially be HURTFUL to others.

If someone asks a question, feel free to answer with your opinion or viewpoint, in a NICE way.

Please remember to post A L L pictures/videos behind an lj-cut or your post will NOT be accepted.

6. No pics of food, reverse thinspiration, nudity, mutilation or things likely to trigger someone. These things are also not allowed to be featured in userpics. Also, all posts regarding drugs need to be put behind a cut with a warning because they can be triggering to recovering addicts (this includes drugs such as laxatives, diet pills, adderall).

At TSS we aim to prevent DAMAGE. By our "no teaching damaging behavior" policy. This means NO posts about GROUP FASTING, no competitions, no giving purging tips.

Remember to WHITE out the names of foods.

Encourage recovery when possible. Do not help aid in helping people by advising them how "hide" their disorders from parents and/or how to develop it further etc. It is not only against our rules, but the Terms of Service of LJ.

No stupid posts please, common sense on all grounds.

* * * THANK YOU * * *
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