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13 December 2009 @ 10:07 am
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note to all new members and current ones too. please remember to read the rules before posting an entry. i hate to keep rejecting posts for simple errors that could have been avoided if you were to read the rules.

not always does being negative make you loose weight. sometimes it's better to stay positive and tell yourself you can do this if you really want it.

on the other hand. now i have some bad news, well for some of you. to all those people who are posting spam on this community, saying bullshit on people with eating disorders this is for you.

each and everyone of you who has bothered to say something to us, you are pathetic. it's embarrassing for yourself that you have nothing else to do with your time. get a life. we have our own and this is our choice. your input doesn't mean shit to us. stop wasting your time ATTEMPTING to hurt us. because it's not working, you're just making yourself look like a heartless piece of shit because you are most likely overweight and sitting behind your computer screen, with a fake livejournal screen name covering up who you really are and showing no insight to yourself as a human being because you would never have the guts to say this to our face.

keep up the bitching, you're all fucking pathetic.