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10 October 2009 @ 08:36 pm
hi all =] am new here and i created these journals to find support and to talk about the things i cant talk to my frnds or family. u can know all about my story from my first entry in my journals. but as a summary, my life in the laast four months have been revolving only about food and calorie contents and that stuff. am so depressed lately because i dont know how i became like this! i feel crazy and like noone i know goes through this shit! i am known to be smart and i do everything right i rlly dont know how i became like this! i lost 30 pounds i wanna lose like 20 more. 

Current weight: 115
goal weight: 95
height: 64 cms - dunno wat that is in inches

am very friendly feel free to add me and we can suport each other. i am rlly looking for someone that can either help me, or go through this with me because my real friends dont understand me anymore..

peacee (K)(K)