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28 September 2009 @ 02:01 pm
well i'm new to this community... and LJ. hopefully it's more supportive than xanga was. i'm super friendly so if ur looking for support in losing weight like i am feel free to add me!

here r my stats...
age- 19
height- 5'1
CW- 113
HW- 150
LW- 102
GW1- 110
GW2- 105
UGW- 100 <3

so far today my only intake was half of a yoplait light. so that's like 50 cals. but after the news i got today all i wanna do is binge. i'm trying really hard not to but idk. ugh. fml. read my blog if u wanna know what happened. well i'm gonna go shower or something i guess...
Current Mood: sadsad